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This is a new website presenting music programs hosted by the internationally renowned broadcaster Murray Khouri. Music, to quote the late Thomas Beecham “enters the ear with facility and leaves the mind with difficulty”. Our series will embrace neglected genres of music that demand an audience, beginning with a six-part series devoted to British Light Music. There exists nowhere a more delightful medium than this music designed to warm the heart and lift the spirits. It owes its origins to the BBC Light Programme, the various seaside orchestras and the growing demand for background music, be it for the cinema or the music hall. Our series showcases thirty-four composers most of whom are unheard today. Towering above them all is the music of Eric Coates, whose music can be heard in the first two programmes and Robert Farnon whose music makes an appearance in the second programme. If light music can be said to have a beginning, it was at the start of the 20th Century with the music of Edward German whom we feature in the third and fifth programme.

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